Have A Small Bathroom? 3 Improvements That Do Not Use Up More Space

Have A Small Bathroom? 3 Improvements That Do Not Use Up More Space

Have A Small Bathroom? 3 Improvements That Do Not Use Up More Space

13 May 2020
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While living in a home with a small bathroom, you may feel limited at times in your ability to improve the room and make it more satisfying to use. When investing in a room expansion is not an option or something that you are interested in, you will need to utilize your creativity. The great thing is that there are plenty of bathroom remodeling projects that do not require more space.

Radiant Floor Heating

Replacing the flooring is a change that can improve a small bathroom, especially when the current floor is old, worn-down, or even damaged. But, you can make it even better by investing in radiant floor heating that can provide the room with plenty of warmth whenever the room is used.

This will come in handy when you live in a cold climate because the inside temperature can drop quite a lot and you may not want to turn the heater up substantially. After getting out of a bath or shower, you may normally feel an instant chill since the air is a lot colder than the water. By adding radiant floor heating, you can look forward to the bathroom being warm and comfortable.

Improved Features

Making improvements to some of the existing features in the bathroom is a great option. For instance, you can take your toilet and replace the seat with a smart one that comes with bidet functionality as well as other noteworthy features such as air drying and toilet cleaning.

Another way that you can improve your bathroom is by replacing the sink's faucet with a touchless one as this will provide better sanitation and make it even easier to wash your face or hands.


As long as you have empty space along one of the walls in the bathroom, you can make plans to install a new window. Adding multiple windows is an excellent way to improve the room because you will be introducing more natural light and possibly giving yourself an impressive view.

If you do not like the idea of giving up any privacy in the bathroom, you can focus on windows that are along the upper portion of a wall. While you will not get much of a view from these windows, you can still enjoy sunlight without having to worry about your privacy in any way.

Hiring bathroom remodelers to work on these projects is a great idea when you are determined to improve your bathroom without taking up any more of your limited space.

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