3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Watertight Front Door for Your Houseboat

3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Watertight Front Door for Your Houseboat

3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Watertight Front Door for Your Houseboat

6 July 2020
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Do you need a new watertight door for your houseboat? There are lots of options available on the market, so you should ask lots of questions when choosing one to live with for the next several years. Here are a few questions that shouldn't be overlooked:

Are Customization Options Available?

You don't want your houseboat's front door to look like all the other ones out there, so it's a good idea to find out whether you'll have an opportunity to take advantage of any customization options when buying your new watertight door. The company you're working with may be able to etch a unique design on the door for you, and they should be able to paint it any color you'd like.

You might also have access to different texture options depending on the materials and resources your service provider has. Your door company can provide you with a complete list of customization options before buying your door so you can decide whether to include any of them in your final door design.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements?

You should be fully aware of the maintenance requirements for any airtight door before having it installed. If you don't know what maintenance tasks will be expected of you, you may not be able to keep up with them. For example, you might not know which tools or materials to have on hand. 

In any case, a lack of maintenance can result in premature wear and tear which is something you want to avoid at all costs so you don't end up having to buy a new door again anytime soon. Knowing the maintenance requirements for any doors you consider buying should help you determine which you'll be able to best care for in the coming years.

Is Any Warranty Protection Included in the Purchase Price?

Your new watertight door won't be cheap—and it shouldn't be because it is tasked to do a serious job. But you should have some peace of mind in knowing that your new door is protected if something goes wrong anytime soon after you buy it. Make sure that your new door comes with a manufacturer's warranty that will cover defects and malfunctions at the very least. Your manufacturer's warranty may or may not be included for free with your purchase, therefore you should ask about costs upfront so that you have time to budget for the coverage if you need to.

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