Options For Repairing A Clogged Or Compacted Septic System Drainfield

Options For Repairing A Clogged Or Compacted Septic System Drainfield

Options For Repairing A Clogged Or Compacted Septic System Drainfield

12 October 2020
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One reason it's so important to maintain your septic system properly is so the drainfield isn't damaged. When the drainfield is clogged up or compacted, wastewater can't filter through the soil, and repairs are necessary or sewage may accumulate on your lawn. Here are some common causes of drainfield problems and some options for septic tank drainfield repair.

Why A Drainfield Develops Problems

One reason your drainfield might have issues is that the soil is compacted. This can happen if you drive a vehicle over the drainfield or park on it. Remember, it's important not to drive or build anything on top of the drainfield.

Clogs are also common problems with drainfields. The pipes in the field or the soil might clog up due to tree roots, the growth of a biofilm, or from solid wastes that escape the tank when you don't pump it regularly. The drainfield consists of a collection of drain pipes that allow wastewater from the septic tank to spread through the field and seep in the soil below.

If the pipes get clogged up, water can't get through, and waste from your septic system may back up in your yard. When waste backs up, the land above the drainfield can become soggy and has the foul odor of sewage. This is a toxic mess that has to be corrected as soon as possible with the right repairs.

Options For Drainfield Repair

One option is to move the drainfield to a new location and put in new drains. However, that can be expensive and disruptive. Plus, if you have a small lot, finding room for a new drainfield might be a problem. Instead, your contractor might recommend using a hydro jet on the drain lines to blast out tree roots and other clogs. If the problem is compacted soil, the contractor might force air in the soil to break it apart so wastewater can seep through it again.

Another possible option is to use biological treatments that break up the biofilm and restore the balance in the drainfield. In some cases, it might be possible to restore the drainfield by not using it and letting the soil dry out. However, that's not a practical option when you need to live in your house, so some sort of repairs are needed.

A septic repair contractor has to consider the type of damage the field has sustained along with tests done on the soil to determine the best type of repairs that will get your septic system back in service as quickly as possible. Contact a septic tank drainfield repair service for more information. 

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