3 Reasons To Throw Out Your Shower Curtains And Switch To Glass Shower Doors In Your Bathroom

3 Reasons To Throw Out Your Shower Curtains And Switch To Glass Shower Doors In Your Bathroom

3 Reasons To Throw Out Your Shower Curtains And Switch To Glass Shower Doors In Your Bathroom

21 October 2020
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Is it worth it to install glass shower doors in your bathroom? While using shower curtains is always an option to keep water off of your floors, it can be difficult to keep clean. They're also still prone to leaking, which can cause damage to your bathroom floors. Having glass doors installed is fairly inexpensive, and there are quite a few benefits to switching away from using shower curtains. Read on to discover three reasons why switching to glass is a great idea for your bathroom.

1. Curtains Often Cling to You While You're Showering

One of the biggest annoyances about using shower curtains, especially if you have a small shower, is that they tend to blow into the shower and cling to you while you're showering. Cold air outside of the shower pushes against the hot air inside, which forces the curtains in.

You can alleviate this problem by not closing the shower curtains fully since that allows cold air to travel into your shower instead of blowing against the shower curtain. Unfortunately, this can lead to water leaking out of the shower along with an uncomfortable showering experience during colder months. With a glass shower door, you never have to worry about your shower curtains blowing into your shower again.

2. Curtains Are More Likely to Leak

When properly installed, a glass shower door should prevent any water from leaking out of the shower. Caulk is used to preventing water from escaping out of the gaps between the door and your shower tile. With a shower curtain, it's easy to splash water out onto your bathroom floor. Unfortunately, this can lead to your bathroom floor becoming damaged or mold growing inside your bathroom. Installing a glass shower door helps to prevent water from puddling on your bathroom floor, keeping them protected.

3. Glass Shower Doors Are Easy to Keep Clean

Another problem with using shower curtains is that they can be difficult to clean. Soap scum that builds up on the shower curtains can stain them, and mold can begin to grow on shower liners that are made of fabric. You'll need to launder your curtains and liner periodically in order to keep them looking clean. In severe cases of staining, you may have to replace them.

When you install a glass shower door, you can keep it spotless by simply wiping it down with a squeegee after every shower. The main culprit behind shower door staining is hard water since it causes calcium deposits to build up on the glass. When you keep the shower door dry, you won't experience and hard water buildup on the glass.

If you're ready to throw out your shower curtains, contact a glass shower door installation service in your area. The glass is cut to fit your shower enclosure, so doors can be installed in nearly every existing shower, even if the shower enclosure has a bathtub. It's an inexpensive upgrade for your bathroom that increases its visual appeal, protects it from water damage, and improves your showering experience.

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