Replacing An Old Wood Fence? 3 Reasons To Choose Custom Aluminum For Your New One

Replacing An Old Wood Fence? 3 Reasons To Choose Custom Aluminum For Your New One

Replacing An Old Wood Fence? 3 Reasons To Choose Custom Aluminum For Your New One

3 May 2021
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Wood has been one of the most often used materials for home fencing projects. Depending on the design, wood fencing has been used to enhance privacy, safety, and visual appeal for generations of home and property owners. 

Unfortunately, even high-quality wooden fencing materials will succumb to age and deterioration and will need to be replaced. Homeowners who are currently planning to replace an existing wooden fence can benefit from learning why aluminum fencing is a better choice for their needs. 

Aging and exposure

Because of its porous structure, wood fencing is particularly susceptible to the effects of age and exposure to weather and the elements. Lumber and panels manufactured for use as fencing are typically treated with long-lasting preservatives to help increase the potential lifespan. However, this protection will eventually deteriorate, even when homeowners apply additional coatings of protective stain or paint. 

When homeowners choose to replace an existing wood fence with a custom aluminum one, they will no longer need to worry about the effects of age and exposure because aluminum is non-porous and resistant to corrosion. 

Ongoing maintenance 

Opting to replace an existing wooden fence with a custom aluminum one frees homeowners from the need and expense of most ongoing maintenance. As mentioned earlier, wood fencing materials require periodic maintenance to prolong their condition and lifespan. Over time, many homeowners find that the frequent applications of sealants, paint, and stain required to preserve the condition and lifespan of wooden fencing becomes uncomfortably expensive to continue. When aluminum fencing is used to replace an existing wood fence, homeowners find themselves suddenly freed from the need to provide costly ongoing maintenance. 

Instead of purchasing and applying frequent preservative coatings necessary for protecting wood fencing, custom aluminum fencing is unlikely to need more than an occasional rinse with a garden hose to keep it looking clean and beautiful. 

Installation adaptability

Differences in the terrain can make the installation of rigid wood fencing very difficult. In fact, fence installers often need to use a stair-step installation technique to install wood fencing on uneven ground, which can result in an odd appearance. Custom aluminum fencing, however, is able to be installed using racking, a technique that allows the fence to hug the landscape, creating a more flowing, attractive appearance. 

The benefits discussed above are just three of many. Custom aluminum fencing is also resistant to pest damage, affordable to install, and capable of meeting many safety and environmental needs. Homeowners who want to learn more about replacing an existing wood fence with custom aluminum should take time to discuss their options with a reputable fencing contractor in their area. Contact a company like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc for more information. 

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