Seven Mistakes That Can Detract From The Condition Of Your Windows Over Time

Seven Mistakes That Can Detract From The Condition Of Your Windows Over Time

Seven Mistakes That Can Detract From The Condition Of Your Windows Over Time

9 September 2021
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It's important to put effort into keeping your windows well maintained if you want to maximize their lifespan. Unfortunately, some property owners make mistakes that shorten windows' lifespan and unnecessarily increase their window replacement costs over time. 

The following are seven mistakes that can detract from the condition of your windows over time. 

Never cleaning your windows

Cleaning windows periodically is the most important window maintenance task you need to keep up on. Regular cleanings prevent residue from building up on window surfaces until it gets to the point that it is impossible to completely remove.

You should clean your windows a couple times each year. In addition to cleaning window glass, you should also remove any debris from window screens and frames.  

Ignoring your windows until there's a problem

Periodic inspections are important so that you get repairs performed on your windows when they're needed.

Inspections are an especially good idea if you have wooden windows. Wooden windows could develop rot issues over time. If you discover rot early on, you can have the affected portions of your window repaired to prevent the problem from spreading. 

Allowing obstructions to accumulate in window tracks

One of the most common causes of window damage is debris buildup in window tracks. Obstructions in window tracks can make windows more difficult to open and close over time. They can lead to window jams that cause frustration. 

Once in a while, you should inspect window tracks and completely remove any debris or residue to keep your windows opening and closing smoothly. 

Not taking the time to touch up windows with caulking

Sealing your windows periodically with caulking is important for both maintaining your windows and ensuring good HVAC efficiency in your home. You should seal your windows during the early fall before the cold weather arrives. 

Choosing cheap window replacements

It's important to invest in quality windows when you buy replacements for your home. Inexpensive window replacements might end up costing more in the long run because they can become damaged and wear out faster than higher quality replacements. 

Never repainting your windows

Repainting windows periodically is important if you have wood windows. Repainting restores the appearance of your window. Another benefit of repainting is preventing rot from developing in windows and causing damage. 

Continuing to use a window that is not opening or closing properly

If you start to have issues with opening or closing a window in your home, it's important to have the window repaired. If you continue to use a window that is malfunctioning, you could end up causing further damage. 

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