Tips When Installing Solar Technology

Tips When Installing Solar Technology

Tips When Installing Solar Technology

21 October 2021
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Solar technology provides reliable, affordable, and clean energy. Most governments are keen to promote the use of solar energy through rebates and tax cuts. So, if you have not made a move yet, it is time to adopt renewable energy. This post highlights the main factors to consider during solar panel installation. 

Check The Energy Requirement 

The primary consideration for solar installation is the amount of energy needed at your property. Typically, the house energy requirement depends on the number of residents, type of appliances, house insulation, etc. Thus, you will have to install a solar system that can provide sufficient energy. As such, decide whether you want enough solar energy to go off-grid or disconnect partially. Then, install a powerful PV solar system with more panels. Notably, you can request the solar installation contractor to assess your energy requirements and recommend products that can produce adequate energy. 

Consider The House Location 

The house location has a significant impact on the amount of direct sunlight the solar panels access. Typically, the amount of energy provided by the solar energy system depends on the number of hours the panels remain exposed to sunlight. Thus, consider the region where you live and ensure that it receives considerable sunlight across the year. In addition, ensure that there are no sunlight obstructions such as tall buildings and tree lines. Ordinarily, the solar panels may reduce the energy output or shut down due to shadows. 

Install Durable Solar Panels 

A typical PV solar panel has a specified life span for optimum performance. Nevertheless, the durability of solar energy systems differs considerably across the manufactures. Since it takes about six years for the solar system investment to pay off, do a quality check before purchase. In addition to the manufacturer's indicated lifespan, consider getting technical advice from the installation contractor. More so, contract a licensed supplier and solar installation company for quality equipment and proper installation. 

Contract a Professional Installation Company 

The performance of solar panels largely depends on the solar installation company. Thus, engage a professional and experienced installation contractor. Broadly, the ideal contractor will have an operating license and industry certification. More so, check whether the contractor has accreditation from solar manufacturers to deal with their products and installation technologies. Also, request the contractor to provide references from past clients. Again, work with an installation company that can provide quality supplies, a warranty, and regular servicing. Lastly, engage a contractor who can secure the necessary building permits for solar installations.

Solar power is energy efficient and low maintenance technology. However, ensure quality solar installation for optimum performance. 

For more information on solar installation, contact a contractor near you.

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