3 Materials For Gutter Installation You Should Know

3 Materials For Gutter Installation You Should Know

3 Materials For Gutter Installation You Should Know

1 November 2021
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Are you looking to give your roofline a facelift? Installing new gutters or upgrading the existing ones can have a dramatic change in the roof's visual appeal. You have different guttering material choices with different pricing and characteristics. Each material has its pros and cons depending on what you are looking for regarding cost, durability, and visual appeal. Here are the most common guttering materials you can choose:

1. Metal Gutters

These are the most common types of gutters for both commercial and residential buildings. Aluminum gutters are the most popular because they are resistant to corrosion and durable. They are lightweight and easy to work with because of their high malleability. You can find them in different colors.

Steel is also popular for commercial properties with large roofing. Its strength can withstand the heavy weight of large amounts of rainfall, snow, and ice. Galvanization makes steel for gutter installation rust-proof, although there are cheap non-galvanized options. Steel also makes a good choice for gutter screen installation when using other materials because it can withstand heavy weight of rushing water.

Copper and zinc are vanity choices for residential gutters. They are both rust-proof metals and malleable enough to work into fancy designs.  Copper is especially eye-catching because of its unique color. Its color turns as it ages, giving the roof a classic elegant look. However, copper and zinc are expensive options, making them unsuitable for large roofs. 

2. Vinyl Gutters

If you are looking for a quick and affordable gutter installation, you have the ideal material in vinyl. It is easy to cut and assemble, reducing labor costs. It is also several times cheaper than metal. Vinyl is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Vinyl gutters are not built to be heavy-duty. They sag when installed in a lengthy stretch, so they must have many support pins. This weakness makes them unsuitable for use in areas that snow heavily but ideal for temperate climates.

3. Wooden Gutters

Wood is also for vanity gutter installation because of its classic, sophisticated look. It is ideal for short, highly visible gutter sections. It is durable when well-maintained and also changes color beautifully when it ages.

However, wooden gutters are expensive due to the high price of hardwood lumber. These gutters also require regular sealing to prevent water damage. Wood is also vulnerable to pest damage from termites and wood borers. Regular wood treatment will keep it in good condition for many years, however.

Are you looking for ideas to revamp your house's curb appeal? Talk to a roofing contractor about gutter installation with a suitable material.

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