Reasons To Have A Floating Dock

Reasons To Have A Floating Dock

Reasons To Have A Floating Dock

16 December 2021
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A dock can provide your family with space for fun activities such as fishing and swimming, and a fun area to entertain guests. It can even increase your property value in advance of selling your home. If you're planning to have a local dock company install a dock at the edge of your property, you'll need to decide whether you want a fixed dock or a floating dock. A fixed dock sits on footings that are dug into the ground beneath the water, while a floating dock typically sits on large, floating drums that are mounted to the underside of the structure. Here are some reasons to have a floating dock.

Ability To Easily Remove It

Being able to remove your dock at select times of the year can be appealing. For example, you might opt to remove it before the winter and then put it back in the water the following spring as a way of preventing it from being subject to the winter's harsh conditions. Similarly, if you need to perform maintenance on the dock in the coming years, you may find that doing so is easier when you're able to get the dock out of the water. With a fixed dock, this process can be challenging. However, a floating dock is simple to remove from the water. You simply need enough people to help you lift this structure up onto the shore.

No Issues With Water Levels

Depending on where you live, the level of the water may rise and fall significantly throughout the year. For example, the water might be high in the spring after the snow melts and then fall throughout the summer as the weather gets hotter. A floating dock is ideal in this scenario because it will rise and fall with the water. With a fixed dock, the water could be so high in the spring that it covers the surface of the dock. Later in the summer, the water may fall to the point that it's well below the dock's surface.

Quicker Installation

Installing a floating dock is a quicker process than installing a fixed dock. Installing a fixed dock requires a lot more work, which means that you may end up paying more for this structure. If you need to be mindful of how much money you invest in your new dock, you'll likely find that a floating model will be a budget-friendly choice. Speak to a local dock construction company to learn more about floating docks.

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