Four Features To Include In A Custom Bonus Room

Four Features To Include In A Custom Bonus Room

Four Features To Include In A Custom Bonus Room

4 January 2022
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When designing a custom home, it's important to consider flexible space to use in different ways as your family grows and changes. A bonus room offers a perfect space for flexible use in the home, but adding some unique design elements can help ensure this room truly works for your family over the years. Here are just some of the many design features to discuss with your custom home builder as you come up with ideas for your house's bonus room. 

Walk-In Closet

A walk-in closet inside of your bonus room can serve a number of functions. It can provide storage space for overnight guests or be ideal for use as a nursery or teen bedroom. You can also use the closet as a library space when using the bonus room as a home office or study. Shelves lining the walls in the walk-in closet offer flexible storage to meet a range of uses, and a large closet can even double as a second mini bonus room used for crafting or gaming. 

Tech Hookups

Whether the bonus room is used as a home office or a spare bedroom, adding convenient tech hookups provides added convenience for your family. USB wall outlets make it easy to connect or charge portable electronics, and outlets featuring HDMI and AUX connections make it easy to convert the bonus room into a gaming or home entertainment space. Work with your custom home builder to add these elements as well as smart light switches and other similar tech features to create a flexible space you can use for a wide range of purposes over the years. 

Double French Doors

Because your bonus room will be used in many different ways, the entrance to the space should also be flexible. Double French doors can be left open to create flow from one room to the next, and they can also be lined with curtains and closed for privacy when the bonus room is used as a bedroom. If French doors are too formal for your design preferences, a rustic sliding barn door can serve the same purpose while adding a more country-casual feel to the home. Work with your custom home builder to find the ideal door and opening to complete your bonus room design.

Large Windows

No matter what you use the bonus room for, having plenty of natural light creates a warm, welcoming space. A bay window or a large picture window creates a focal point in the room while allowing plenty of sunlight to flow through. Make sure to plan the size of the windows so treatments can be added in the future. A child's playroom or study might not need window coverings, but you may determine they are a must for a bedroom. Consider decorative flourishes to complete the look of your custom design, such as elliptical, quarter-round, or triangle shapes to add visual interest and charm to your home. 

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