Your Commercial Roof Plays A Large Role In Your Building's Energy-Efficiency

Your Commercial Roof Plays A Large Role In Your Building's Energy-Efficiency

Your Commercial Roof Plays A Large Role In Your Building's Energy-Efficiency

30 March 2022
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On any building, a roof can cause large amounts of heat to escape and this can lead to higher energy costs. As a result, it's a good idea to talk to a commercial roofing contractor about how you can improve the performance of your roof.

Roof Materials 

When you are having your commercial roof installed, you'll want to make sure that your roof is made using the right material. Some materials are considered to be of higher quality and are expected to last a much longer period of time.  The right type of roofing material also depends on the location of your building. For example, if you live in a sunny location with high temperatures, you might need a different type of roof than if you live in a colder climate.

If your roof has already been installed and you're concerned about the quality of the roof, you will not want to immediately assume that your roof needs to be replaced. You should speak with a roofing contractor about having your roof repaired first.

Roof Inspections

Hire roofing contractors to inspect your roof in the spring and fall. They might discover that your roof has become damaged and will be able to make the necessary repairs. Then, your roof will be more airtight and will also be more resistant to moisture.


It's important to talk to your commercial roofing contractor about the type of insulation your roof will have. The right type of insulation will reduce the amount of heat that escapes your commercial roof.

Your commercial roofing contractor can recommend roofing materials that will help you keep your building insulated. They might recommend that you use staggered insulation because this is the industry standard for commercial buildings. Despite allowing your building to reach the right R-value, staggered insulation is still very easy to install because it is lightweight and it is easy to trim.

Roof Moisture Problems

Great insulation will reduce the moisture problems that your roof will suffer from. This is because the pressure gradients that result from a roof not being properly insulated pull moisture into your roofing system. When the insulation is staggered, the amount of air intrusion can be minimized. 

The staggered insulation also reduces condensation. Therefore, you will want to consult with a commercial roofing contractor about how insulation and various other methods can improve the energy efficiency of your building and prolong the life of your roof.

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