2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt Installing A Concrete Foundation Without Professional Help

2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt Installing A Concrete Foundation Without Professional Help

2 Reasons Why You Should Not Attempt Installing A Concrete Foundation Without Professional Help

20 April 2022
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Whether you are adding on to your house or planning on building an outbuilding on your property, you will need to start with a foundation. After deciding that you would like for the structure to have a foundation made from concrete, you may be looking into purchasing premade forms and pouring the cement yourself.

However, especially if this is the first time you have ever worked with cement, you should reconsider turning this into a do-it-yourself project. There are a couple of reasons why you should, instead, have a contractor who has experience constructing concrete foundations do it for you.

1.  The Cement's Mixture Must Be Precise to Prevent Weak Concrete

One reason why installing a foundation for your upcoming project is best left to a professional instead of trying to do it yourself is that the cement's mixture must be precise. If you have too much water or substrate, the dried concrete will be weak.

If the concrete is weak, the foundation will be more likely to crack or crumble after being subjected to the stress caused by the weight of the room or building. This can cause a shift in the structure and/or allow water to seep into the foundation, causing more damage. A contractor will know the right combination of water and substrate to ensure a strong foundation.

2.  The Measurements and Evenness of the Foundation Forms Must Be Accurate

Another reason why a contractor is better suited to pour the cement for the foundation is that the measurements and evenness of the forms must be accurate. The forms are what hold the cement in place while it is drying and give shape to the finished structure.

If the forms are made to measure to precisely fit the building or room or are uneven, there will be gaps between them. And, if the forms are not even, the surface will not be level, which will affect the floor of the structure. A professional will know how to make adjustments to the forms to keep these issues from occurring. 

Unless you have experience with working with concrete, you will most likely not be able to accurately measure out and level the forms for the foundation. You may also not be able to ensure that the cement mixture is precise enough for a foundation strong enough to hold the structure you are building without the concrete cracking or crumbling. Instead of attempting to do this task yourself, contact a contractor who offers concrete foundation services to discuss your upcoming project. 

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