Constructing A Bridge? 3 Compelling Reasons To Construct A Timber Bridge

Constructing A Bridge? 3 Compelling Reasons To Construct A Timber Bridge

Constructing A Bridge? 3 Compelling Reasons To Construct A Timber Bridge

23 May 2022
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Are you planning to build a bridge? If yes, it's good to decide the material you will use for the project. Bridges play a critical role in enhancing accessibility and minimizing the time needed to get to the other side. Without a bridge, you may need to cover a long distance to get to the other side. Some people consider steel and concrete when building a bridge. But did you know that you could still use timber when building yours? Actually, timber is among the building materials that have been used to build bridges for many years in many parts of the world. Find out why you should consider building or investing in a timber bridge.

Timber Is Friendly to the Environment

Timber is usually friendly to the environment, explaining why many people still prefer timber bridges. It's always good to consider how safe the building materials can be before proceeding with the construction project. Always ask yourself how safe the material could be to your environment, particularly the nearby waterways. Timber bridges are less likely to contaminate the waterways, even if the timber is treated or coated with some preservatives. Some people coat the timber with pentachlorophenol or creosote to enhance durability. Even if the preservatives get leached, the wildlife around the bridge would hardly be affected.

Deicing Won't Be a Big Issue

If you live in an area where winters are harsher, you know how demanding the deicing process can be. Usually, bridges in such areas need to be deiced quite often to be safe and serve the intended purpose. Many people don't know that the deicing chemicals could cause damage when sprayed on materials like steel and concrete. For instance, some deicing chemicals could cause these materials to corrode and weaken with time. However, this doesn't happen when deicing a timber bridge because timber resists the effects of the deicing chemicals.

Timber Bridges Are Durable

A timber bridge can last for several decades. However, this mainly depends on the quality of timber used and who you hire to construct it. The main thing is ensuring you choose quality timber and hire competent contractors to install the bridge. Indeed the environmental conditions could somehow affect the bridge, but the effect could be minimal if the timber is adequately treated. In fact, the timber bridge could even last longer if it's well maintained. Its lifespan could even match that of the steel and concrete bridges.

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