3 Tips For Using Self-Leveling Concrete

3 Tips For Using Self-Leveling Concrete

3 Tips For Using Self-Leveling Concrete

10 February 2023
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Many of the floors in your home have a concrete underlayment. Over time, this underlayment can become uneven. Slanting floors can become a serious problem for modern homeowners, so it's important that you understand how to address a slanting floor to preserve the structural integrity of your home.

One of the easiest ways to correct an uneven concrete floor is to use self-leveling concrete. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure the process of installing self-leveling concrete goes smoothly.

1. Prepare the Existing Floor

Preparation is essential when you are installing a self-leveling concrete floor. You want to ensure that your existing floors are prepared properly to prevent any quality issues once the self-leveling concrete has set. Use a foam insulation product to seal around the edges of your existing floor.

Fill in any gaps or cracks that might allow the self-leveling liquid to seep through. Ensure that the surface of the floor is clean before you apply self-leveling concrete. You can avoid major problems during the installation process if you take the time to prepare your existing floors first.

2. Assemble the Right Tools

You will need to have access to some specialized tools if you want to install a self-leveling concrete floor. First, you should acquire an industrial mixer. These mixers are powerful enough to combine your self-leveling concrete product completely. The mixture must be thoroughly incorporated in order to cure properly.

You will also need a long level and a concrete trowel. You will use the trowel to spread the concrete mixture across the surface of your existing flooring. The level can be used to make sure the self-leveling concrete has been spread evenly.

3. Use a Primer

It can be beneficial to use a primer when you are installing a self-leveling concrete floor. The main purpose of a primer is to create a clean surface the self-leveling concrete can adhere to.

Your old concrete floor might not provide the most stable base. By applying a coat of primer and allowing it to dry before you begin pouring your self-leveling concrete product, you will be able to maximize the durability and longevity of your new concrete floor.

A self-leveling concrete product can be a great tool when you have uneven floors. Understanding how these products work will allow you to take the steps necessary for proper installation. For more information on concrete leveling, contact a company near you.

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