Thinking Of Updating The Bathroom? Talk With A Remodeling Contractor About These Things

Thinking Of Updating The Bathroom? Talk With A Remodeling Contractor About These Things

Thinking Of Updating The Bathroom? Talk With A Remodeling Contractor About These Things

27 April 2023
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If your bathroom is outdated and you want to make it a modern but functioning space, it's best to choose energy-efficient materials and products that won't go out of style. Updating the bathroom from the ground up is a great way to add value to your home, and when you choose high-end fixtures that are efficient, this saves you money over time.

Talk with the remodeling contractor about what you want to be done to the space. Here are some of the things to consider when picking out efficient materials and products.

Water Conserving Toilet

Get a toilet that conserves water every time you flush. There are also toilets that have a button for when you just pee, and another button for when there is more waste to flush down. This also helps to save water.

Water Preserving Shower Head

Taking showers takes up many gallons of water. A head that reduces water consumption without decreasing water pressure is another fixture that you want to have installed during your bathroom remodel. You can save money without having to sacrifice functions.

Motion Lighting

Motion lighting will help reduce electrical bills each month and you won't have to worry about the lights being left on. You can have motion lighting overhead and under the cabinet. Also, include energy-efficient light bulbs.

Updating the bathroom is something that you shouldn't ever have to do again when you own the home if you do it right. Make the following changes:

  • Get waterproof floorings like tile or vinyl
  • Choose high-quality cabinetry with lots of storage
  • Have PVC piping used to update the plumbing
  • Use neutral paint in the space

Talk with the bathroom remodeling contractor to see if it's possible to change the layout of the space, and what materials they think will be best based on the climate where you live and availability.

Before choosing a contractor be sure to go through the details of the quotes you get for the project. The quote should entail these things:

  • Cost for materials
  • Permit expenses
  • Labor wages
  • Proof of certification 
  • Proof of insurance

Compare the costs and look at the work done by each potential bathroom remodeling contractor. From there you can check references and take your time picking the best contractor for the job. If you are ready to update your bathroom, set a budget and make this great update to improve functionality and the space.

To find out more, contact bathroom remodel services. 

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